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We want to ensure your event is in a safe, clean and fun environment.




  • No one shall enter the BattleZone without an appropriate wristband.

  • We reserve the right to remove anyone’s wristband for inappropriate behaviour of any kind.

  • No one shall enter the BattleZone or participate under the influence of any alcoholic or narcotic substance whatsoever.

  • Foul language will not be tolerated.

  • No food, drink or gum allowed in the BattleZone

  • No objects whatsoever are allowed in pockets (cell phones, glasses, keys, etc…).

  • No sharp objects like belt buckles, studs or jewelry allowed, No exceptions!

  • No bare feet allowed in the BattleZone. Clean indoor shoes are required.

  • You must leave boots, outdoor shoes, clothing and other loose items in the party room. Items left laying around will be picked up and removed from BattleZone.

  • Never attempt skills beyond your ability.

  • Never hit, tackle or shoot at anyone from behind. 

Nerf Battle



  • Zorbit Sports activities are very physical and thus can be inherently dangerous. We must advise that you will be participating at your own risk and remind you to play within your ability.

  • Waivers must be signed by or on behalf of all participants. Without a signed waiver, you will not be allowed into the BattleZone.

  • Be aware that in Zorb Battle the object is to bump and run into each other,  Please make sure that the personal you are challenging is aware of your challenge (not from behind).

  • If you need to take a break, please get the attention of a party host and move yourself to a safe area.  Exit only with assistance and stay off of the field of play if you are not participating.  There are stools and a viewing area in the party room should you with to take a break.

  • Make sure to empty your pockets before participating  – what’s left in your pockets when you start playing could injure you or damage our equipment. 

  • Please don’t chew gum while playing – it may end up on places no one will appreciate, and can cause a choking hazard.

  • Don’t let your friends convince you to do tricks you are not comfortable with.

  • Keep and consume your food and drinks in the party room.

  • Sanitize your hands, often – Zorbit Sports is open to the public year round. While we have invested time in ensuring the building is clean and maintained, it is still a good idea to wash your hands or use hand sanitizer frequently.


At Zorbit Sports, your safety is our number one priority.
That is why we’ve provided you with these PlaySafe Policies. These policies helps you, your loved ones and our staff ensure that every experience at Zorbit Sports is safe, clean and fun.

Here’s how:

Archery Battle Facemask
Nerf Battle Action


Staff - our BattleZone is monitored by our trained and enthusiastic party hosts. Their responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Monitoring areas of play that can lead to unsafe conditions and injuries.

  • Stopping unsafe acts immediately, including removing a guest from the area if they fail to discontinue such activity when asked.

  • Providing guests with coaching on how to safely use each piece of equipment.

  • Regularly maintaining and cleaning our equipment, performing daily inspections to identify and replace worn down parts.


Netting - the netting between the viewing room and BattleZone, ensures that guests in the observation area are safe from flying projectiles.


Safety video – as part of our party requirements everyone must watch our safety video in the reception area. Our front desk personnel direct all new party guests to watch this video before playing. It is essential you and your loved ones watch this quick video before participating in our activities. We have even made it available to you to view through the link on this page.


Socks – we require all participants to wear socks, non-slip or grippy socks are recommended but regular socks are acceptable. Wearing socks will reduce slipping and friction burns, ensuring you all have a much better time. 


As a venue that is constantly operating and has guests cycling though on a daily basis, cleanliness is a big concern for Zorbit Sports.

We expect our staff to routinely monitor our play area, party rooms and common areas to ensure they are clean and free of debris. Always let us know if you see an area needing immediate attention.


We provide anti-microbial hand sanitizer in our reception area and party room, and encourage our guests to use it frequently.

Safety Video - Coming Soon!



At Zorbit Sports, we take our customer service seriously. Our entire team is focused on ensuring that our PlaySafe policy is in operation at all times. We encourage our guests to provide their feedback to our managers. Your comments and ideas enable us to continually improve the Zorbit Sports experience for everyone.


We have two party hosts on hand for the entire party ensuring that there us supervision in the BattleZone and assistance in the party room if needed.  While that may not inherently sound like fun, “fun” is actually their primary purpose. Our Zorbit Sports party hosts are not there to keep you from having a good time. Instead, their objective is to ensure you have a great time, while not hurting yourself or anyone around you. So, when they call you out, please be sure to listen to them, because it’s quite likely you didn’t remember one of our safety rules and the people around you may not be having as much fun as possible. We encourage all customers to watch our safety video as part of the check in process. Doing so ensures guests won't accidentally break the rules and get into trouble with our party hosts. That’s no fun.


We have multiple play options to keep you coming back.  Ever wanted to roll around and bash into your friends all in the safety of your own personal bubble?  How about an archery adventure with real bows and arrows, but without the pointy end - live your inner Robin Hood.  You could also take your call of duty away from the game console and play on the front lines in real life with our Nerf Battle™  - soft foam bullets so everyone has fun and no one gets hurt.  Want to take it all up a notch?  Do all of the above in our blacklight environment, with glowing neon colours and a laser light show adding a different vibe to your event.


Check out all of our options via the Activities tab to find the perfect fit for you!

(*) - While we use Nerf™ products in our parties, we are in no way affiliated with Nerf™, Hasbro (the patent and trademark holder) or any of their affiliates.

Our parties are all hosted at our own dedicated facility conveniently located in Burlington.


1440 Grahams Lane, Unit #8

Burlington, ON  L7S 1W3

Tel: 289-313-9080

Toll Free: 855-9-ZORBIT

Hours: 10am - 9:00pm every day except major holidays

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