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Have you gone over our site and we've still left something out?  Check our FAQ List for additional information. 

  • What ages are suitable for each Battle type?
    We have age recommendations for all of our Battle types. Generaly these recommendations are based on the limitations of the children that we experience on a daily basis. It is offered as a coutesy to you to ensure the kids have a great time, however, if you beleive that your particular group is capable of handling the equipment at a different age plase call us to discuss. Archery - suitable for ages 12 and up Dodgeball - suitable for ages 8 and up Nerf Classic - suitable for ages 5 and up Nerf Rival - suitable for ages 10 and up Zorb - suitable for ages 10 and up
  • Do I have to order food from you or can I bring my own?
    You are welcome to bring your own food, drinks and cake. We have a counter area with sink and refrigerator / freezer should you need it. We do not recommend cabonated beverages as the participants may not have pleasant experiences after having pop and being upside down.
  • Can we do more than one activity?
    A Battle Party has an hour of play in the BattleZone, of which a short period is dedicated to a safety briefing and instructions on the use of the equipment. In order for us to change over to a different Battle type we would require a further period of time to change over the equipment and provide another safety briefing which would limit the amount of actual playing time your group would have. As a result we do not offer multiple options during our standard parties. If you would like to consider a longer sesion with multiple activities, please feel free to contact us by phone or email.
  • Can we have extra time in the party room?
    Our facility is host to your group exclusively for 90 minutes. You will have access to the party room for guests and observers for the entire 90 minutes and participants are free to move between the BattleZone and the party room at their leisure. Unfortunately, in order to provide that exclusivity we have to adhere to a strict schedule so that the group arriving after you are afforded the same conditions. We must therefore ask that your group has packed up and removed yourself from the party room by the time your party has ended.
  • Can we bring our own Nerf guns?
    We supply all equipment necessary to make your event a success. All guns, ammunition and safety equipment are provided for our Nerf Battles. As a result it is not necessary or recommended that you bring your own equipment as we would lose our ability to track the equipment that we provide. We are looking into the possibility of hosting leagues at a later date where you would bring your own equipment and we would supply the ammunition. Keep posted to our website and social media feeds if yo uare interested.
  • What is provided in the party room?
    We provide tables, chairs, counter space and sink as well as a fridge / freezer shold you require it. Since we cater to many different types of events we do not stock birthday supplies, decorations, plates or cutlery and recommend that you bring your own as required.
  • What happens if some of the kids don't like an activity?
    We do our best to ensure that all participants are having a good time. Unfortunately not every participant is as fearless or daring as the others and ends up not enjoying an activity for one reason or another. The major reason for this tends to be related to age, which is why we have provided suitable age ranges for our activities. If you have followed our recommendations and are still having issues with one or more particpants we will try our best to find out the cause and remedy the situation as soon as we can but in order to avoid these issues we recommend outlining the type and potentially agressive nature of the activity when inviting guests to give them the option to assess their suitability to the event.

Our parties are all hosted at our own dedicated facility conveniently located in Burlington.


1440 Grahams Lane, Unit #8

Burlington, ON  L7S 1W3

Tel: 289-313-9080

Toll Free: 855-9-ZORBIT

Hours: 10am - 9:00pm every day except major holidays

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